Angular ng-show/ng-hide… the endless struggle of understanding this ish

More examples, resources etc.

First, Kendra, don’t forget about the freaking docs:



guide to filters

guide to scope

the tutorial step 6 (I should just really do this tutorial)

Issues with $scope.apply() <– READ THIS

Angular recipes

_.findWhere —

Angular show/hide and popup boxes

I ended up using all of these resources:

Helpful plunker


Didn’t use, but interesting?:

Oh and some fun stuff about directives (DIRECTly from the docs. Because somehow I often forget those exist.)

My css only backup plan:


TODO: Food Adventures!

Dear Future Kendra,

Don’t forget to try:

Chocolate Covered Katie “Healthy Meal Ideas” (hello, Cool Ranch Dorito Dip!??)

CCK Enchiladas and Sweet Potatoes with Tahini

CCK Crockpot Chili

CCK cinnamon roll oatmeal

CCK Cauliflower Pizza Crust