Angular show/hide and popup boxes

I ended up using all of these resources:

Helpful plunker


Didn’t use, but interesting?:

Oh and some fun stuff about directives (DIRECTly from the docs. Because somehow I often forget those exist.)

My css only backup plan:


TODO: Food Adventures!

Dear Future Kendra,

Don’t forget to try:

Chocolate Covered Katie “Healthy Meal Ideas” (hello, Cool Ranch Dorito Dip!??)

CCK Enchiladas and Sweet Potatoes with Tahini

CCK Crockpot Chili

CCK cinnamon roll oatmeal

CCK Cauliflower Pizza Crust



This week we re-reviewed:

  1. Begging Hands (I keep forgetting that there are two kicks, one to the groin, one to the head, before the torso push)
  2. Thrusting Salute (I keep adding moves to the ending)
  3. Flashing Wings (I cannot keep this one separate from the other “wings” or “flashing” moves in this belt)
  4. Hugging Pendulum (This one has weird timing. I keep “hugging” in the wrong direction. I need to remember 1. get out of the way to my left, deflecting kick with my right hand, step back in with left foot and bring extended right hand back towards my body — through opponent’s kidney — for this “hug”)
  5. Repeated Devastation (I can’t seem to remember that the attack on this one is a Full Nelson — once I remember that, I can do the thing. I think?

ahhhh I’ll have to continue updating this later 🙂


I just finished The Lost City trilogy and of course I loved it. Hello, it’s YA dystopian future with a little bit of love story and a lot of rebellion, all supercharged with strange magic? Yes, please!


  1. The Jewel
  2. The White Rose
  3. The Black Key

Will I reread them? Maybe?

Will I recommend them? Totally.

Will I buy them to put on my shelf? Probably not.

“RATINGS” (again, I still have to perfect my scale, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of writing this “review”)

10/10 enjoyment

6/10 writing (where 10/10 is distractingly beautiful prose and 1/10 is distractingly bad, 5/5 is “I didn’t even notice the quality of the writing because it read so well” so a six is “I was mildly impressed with the writing!” Especially the scenery and world-building parts, she wrote in such a way that it was easy-to-envision and “get you there.”)

8/10 plot

4/10 world backstory (I feel like there could have been a better reason for these girls to have “powers”)