Angular Tutorial — 0

Install Helper Tools (optional)

The Bower, Http-Server, Karma and Protractor modules are also executables, which can be installed globally and run directly from a terminal/command prompt. You don’t need to do this to follow the tutorial, but if you decide you do want to run them directly, you can install these modules globally using, sudo npm install -g ....

For instance, to install the Bower command line executable you would do:

sudo npm install -g bower

(Omit the sudo if running on Windows)

Then you can run the bower tool directly, such as:

bower install


Angular ng-show/ng-hide… the endless struggle of understanding this ish

More examples, resources etc.

First, Kendra, don’t forget about the freaking docs:



guide to filters

guide to scope

the tutorial step 6 (I should just really do this tutorial)

Issues with $scope.apply() <– READ THIS

Angular recipes

_.findWhere —

Angular show/hide and popup boxes

I ended up using all of these resources:

Helpful plunker


Didn’t use, but interesting?:

Oh and some fun stuff about directives (DIRECTly from the docs. Because somehow I often forget those exist.)

My css only backup plan: