Everything sucks today


Lessons. Left off here.

Redux cheatsheet here.

React cheatsheet here.

Redux skeleton here.

More react tutorials here.

More about redux here.

… and a nicer way to access the redux course here.

Even more react stuff

One option to theĀ CSS issue.

At some point this seemed interesting.

At some point animated icons seemed interesting.

At some point I thought about actually trying to make animated icons.

I have no idea what bodymovin is but I have a feelingĀ its about those animated icons…

3D printed earbud case (looks pretty cool)

Concrete letters

Super interesting article from 2014 that I dug up accidentally about DNA nanobots…

How to make the perfect hard boiled eggs in the oven (when I tried these they turned out slightly overdone — going to reduce time next time)

Fun comparison article about dry shampoos

How to make your own dry shampoo

Another DIY dry shampoo

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