Closing out the weekend —

A bunch of fun bike rides I’d like to do

OK, I’m a little curious about floating?

Bathroom remodel inspiration

Hot tub dreamin’

How to tell if your cooking sucks

Inspiration for “Bachelor Box

RBG coloring book

10 minute enchilada sauce

The best “get up and running with everything brew/node/npm” guide I’ve used to date.

Plugging away at this REACT tutorial and video (current project in home directory)

Read/review how to handle internal promotions in Google Analytics

Wisdom from Inspector Gamache

‘People expect me to be cynical because of my job,’ Gamache found himself saying, ‘but they don’t understand. It’s exactly as you’ve said. I spend my days looking into the last room in the house, the one we keep barred and hidden even from ourselves. The one with all our monsters, fetid and rotting and waiting. My job is to find people who take lives. And to do that I have to find out why. And to do that I have to get into their heads and open that last door. But when I come out again,’ he opened his arms in an expansive movement, ‘the world is suddenly more beautiful, more alive, more lovely than ever. When you see the worst you appreciate the best.’

‘That’s it.’ émilie nodded. ‘You like people.’

‘I love people,’ he admitted.

Week of March 13th

Points for Project Uniform! Why Successful Individuals Wear the Same Outfit Daily

I love this so much. Yes, I am aware of the “but you’re posting this on wordpress” hypocracy.

Questionable “Wiki-how” articles for a good laugh

New pinterest board for outside movie theaters 

Never thought to look for illustrator tutprial inspiration on pinterest… but so much good stuff here!

Apparently this is the best vegan chili?

Inspired by this


Piano music here!

“No Bake” Sugar cookies here!

Potential bridesmaid dance shoes:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

More wedding dress inspiration here

Sarah Seven <3

A very important read about Casey Affleck

this one too

Interesting job posting/posting page

Jobs specifically for working remotely?

The best overall coding resource I’ve stumbled across in A LONG TIME.

Watched this and it changed how I think about the internet as a developer.

GO HERE RIGHT NOW amazing resource for web stuffs in 2016/2017

My crush on Rob Reinheart continues

Going paperless…. I’m sure I’ve bookmarked this before?

Inspiration for “Your Name Here” beer


Desk-in-closet inspiration!

More closet-desks!

EVEN MORE closet-desks!

Laundry-room-in-bathroom inspiration!

Sneaky (but good idea) to get clicks for a facebook ad.