WEDDING STUFFS! Potential bridesmaid dresses/getting ready rompers

The too-expensive dream one

Asos — a site I hadn’t considered before

Weirdly I love this “t-shirt” style dress

Low plunge metalic maxi

Sequin halter gown

“Flattering on most” sleeveless shimmer (showed to Patty!)

For rompers and getting ready

Socks for Colin?!

A solid Plan B from anthro


Great resource for “stock” photography.

Reddit’s answer for what to put on your walls (a great resource).

An awe-inspiring collection of photos from the library of congress.

(Including my personal favorite which will someday hopefully be in Colin’s bar)

Resources for large prints.

More resources for large prints.

Even more resources for large prints.

(Above are quite likely redundant)

Annnnnd lastly, PosterBurner which is what I’ll most likely use.