I just finished The Lost City trilogy and of course I loved it. Hello, it’s YA dystopian future with a little bit of love story and a lot of rebellion, all supercharged with strange magic? Yes, please!


  1. The Jewel
  2. The White Rose
  3. The Black Key

Will I reread them? Maybe?

Will I recommend them? Totally.

Will I buy them to put on my shelf? Probably not.

“RATINGS” (again, I still have to perfect my scale, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of writing this “review”)

10/10 enjoyment

6/10 writing (where 10/10 is distractingly beautiful prose and 1/10 is distractingly bad, 5/5 is “I didn’t even notice the quality of the writing because it read so well” so a six is “I was mildly impressed with the writing!” Especially the scenery and world-building parts, she wrote in such a way that it was easy-to-envision and “get you there.”)

8/10 plot

4/10 world backstory (I feel like there could have been a better reason for these girls to have “powers”)